LEAP Seminar @UdeM and CRC-ACME(2019/11/27): Publishing in Open Access with Vincent Larivière (Scientific Director of the Érudit Platform)

Open access publications are becoming standardized and it is important for researchers, young and experienced, to become familiar with practices, platforms (scholar or other) and especially the main issues of "open access" (rights, etc.). ). International expert on these complex issues, Professor Vincent Larivière has kindly agreed to meet LEAP researchers on Wednesday 27 November ... Read more

LEAP annual seminar and international symposium (+LéaV) : Lieux et rituels de l’utopie et de la dystopie (Architecture de la catastrophe)

Colloque international fruit d'une collaboration entre le LEAP (Montréal) et le LéaV (Versailles). Du mardi 14 mai à 16h00 au jeudi 16 mai à 16h00 dans la salle 1150 du pavillon de la Faculté de l'aménagement. Pour tous renseignements contacter le professeur Jean-Pierre Chupin : jean-pierre.chupin@umontreal.ca Entrée libre sur inscription à leap.labo@gmail.com   PROGRAMME :  ... Read more


Rockefeller Center Vintage Travel Brochure (2018) “The city architect can no more afford to neglect the roofs that continually spread out below him than the country architect can afford to neglect the planting about a house.”(1) There are only three observation decks on the top of skyscrapers in New York—in chronological order, the Empire State ... Read more

Carmela Cucuzzella and Jean-Pierre Chupin head a special issue of the Journal of Sustainability Research

Journal of Sustainability Research (Open access journal of Hapres) special issue: "Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design: Alternative Theories for Qualitative Comparisons" Since the turn of the century, theories and practices of sustainable architecture and urban design have been characterized by increasingly normative grids, such as standards, checklists, certifications, etc. As imperative as these normative grids ... Read more