Jean-Pierre Chupin Advisory Committee Member as part of the Québec Strategy for Architecture

Nathalie Roy, Minister of Culture and Communications and Minister Responsible for the French Language, and Andrée Laforest, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Announce the Beginning of the Work to Provide Québec with a Strategy Quebecois architecture. To this end, the Ministry of Culture and Communications (MCC) has invited the Ordre des architectes du Québec (OAQ) and a committee of experts to collaborate in the development of this first strategy.

The Québec Architecture Strategy will place citizens at the heart of the debate and will aim at adopting best practices in state-led projects and introducing incentives in the projects it subsidizes. It will meet the needs of Quebeckers through a contribution of architecture to Quebec identity, making culture a fundamental element of the quality of our living environments and the vitality of our communities. This strategy will ensure greater quality and sustainability of the projects, consistent with the principles of sustainable development. In addition, it will contribute to people’s sense of belonging, the international attractiveness of the territory and the prospects for economic growth and tourism promotion.

The participatory process established will involve the community as a stakeholder and benefit from the reflections of the process that the OAQ had previously carried out leading to the tabling of the White Paper for a Québec architecture policy. In addition, the MCC and the OAQ have set up an advisory committee involving all those challenged by this approach. These experts, organizations and partners will be consulted in the coming months (see list in appendix). The municipal community is invited to participate in this project. The government wishes to hear from it for its unique expertise in order to feed the Québec Strategy for Architecture. The cities of Quebec and Montreal will be particularly challenged in particular by virtue of their respective status as capital and metropolis.

The development of the Québec Architecture Strategy corresponds to Measure 19 of the Government Action Plan for Culture 2018-2023. (Excerpt from press release)

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