The question of heritage and conservation in architectural competitions. [A research led by Jacques Lachapelle]




Innovating the Heritage Context :
As an omnipresent preoccupation, can heritage conservation succeed without compromising an extensive exploration of contemporary architecture, our future heritage? Do the current practices of heritage conservation, founded on the notions of value, enable architects to engage their own creative values?
Supported by projects in the Leap database, this research will comparatively analyze and critique the value systems and approaches demonstrated in competitions involving additions, renovations and insertions in heritage sites in Canada, since 1990.
Project Title :
Innovand Conservation : creating contmeporary architecture at the risk of losing a heritage
Organisme subventionnaire :
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSRSH)
Project Director :
Jacques Lachapelle

Associate Researchers:

Georges Adamczyk
Jean-Pierre Chupin
Susan Bronson
Denis Bilodeau
Pierre Boudon

Research Assistants :
Rim Ben Fredj, PhD student (UdeM)
Imen Ben Jemia, PhD student (UdeM)
Mathieu Pomerleau, MscA student(UdeM)Mélanie Jetté, M.Arch student (UdeM)
Renée Mailhot,  M.Arch student (UdeM)
Alexandre Massé, M.Arch student (UdeM)
Renaud Bourbonnais,  B.D.A.student  (UdeM)
Myriam Poulin,  B.D.A. student (UdeM)