In the universe of theses, a theoretical compass. An article by Jean-Pierre Chupin published in the cahiers de la recherche architecturale et urbaine


This article presents a mode of orientation in the variety of objects and the tumult of definitions of the architecture thesis. A doctoral colloquium on the return of ornament in contemporary practices, in May 2013 at the University of Montreal, confirmed, if confirmation were needed, that the same questioning could give rise to a surprising heterogeneity of epistemological aims 1. A comparison of twelve approaches from major North American, European, and South American schools, made it possible to outline and test a first version of a mode of categorization of theses. In September 2013, this model was put to the test of the sixty or so texts selected for the second “Rencontres doctorales en architecture” at the École nationale supérieure de Paris-Belleville. This “compass of theses and theoretical aims” must however be understood as a hypothesis subject to epistemological debate.


Jean-Pierre Chupin, « Dans l’univers des thèses, un compas théorique », Les Cahiers de la recherche architecturale et urbaine [En ligne], 30/31 | 2014, mis en ligne le 14 septembre 2017, consulté le 16 octobre 2021.
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