Manitoba association of architects

English. The professional associaton's site offers a section on different methods of selecting an architect for a project including direct selection, design competitions, of quality based selection. This section is intended for clients and sponsors.

Architecture Canada

French and English. the institute's site includes a section on architecture competitions. Sub-sections include the RAIC's and provincial association's roles, the objectives and benifits of architecture competitions, competiton categories, types, prizes, budget, etc.

Australian Institute of Architects

English. The professional association has a guide entitled "Competitions Guidelines" available for download in PDF format under the "community" category. This document is introductory, easily consultable, which includes recommendations about the process, types of competitions, the client's, competitor's and the professional consultant's roles, compensation, the professional association's involvement and functions it can provide, the importance of the "Design Brief", suggested conditions for a competition and supporting documentation, the jury, the prizes, etc.

Design Montreal

French and English. The site for the "Bureau de design de la ville de Montréal" provides a 3 part article "Cahiers des bonnes pratiques en design" in "Nos publications". The "Cahier des bonnes pratiques 2" deals with "Trois processus performants pour favoriser l’excellence en design urbain : panel, atelier et concours." The documents are available in french only.

National Association of Norwegian Architects

Norwegian. The professional association has a publication, available in PDF format under "Konkurranseveileder". This guide covers laws and regulations surrounding the competition, the implementation of a competition and details concerning the types of competitions.

Ordre des architectes

French. The professional association's site offers a section on public commissions and competitions. Multiple documents are available on this subject, for example the "guide de la commande publique d'architecture et le guide de l'architecte juré". In addition to downloadable publications, the section provides multiple useful links (Legislative documents, forms for candidates, public competition notices, etc.)

Ordre des architectes du Québec

French. The professional association's site offers a section on architecture competitions. This page includes a link to download the association's "Guide des concours d'architecture" (2008), which addresses rules regarding professional advisors, architectural program regulation, the jury's duty, prizes and wages, and also defines terminology relative to competitions.

Royal Institute of British Architects

English. The professional association's site offers a section on competitions as managed by their association. Sub sections have case studies, a brief description of competition management services, and a link to order their "Competitions booklet". This section is intended for customers and sponsors.

Danish Architects’ Association

Danish. The professional associaton's site offers a section on competitions. Several sub-sections describe the function of the Danish Architects' Association (Rules) and provide information about the jury (Fagdommere), particularly in regard to the qualities of a good juror (In god fagdomme) and selection criteria (Udvælgelseskriterier). In the "Rules" sub-section, the "konkurrenceformer" link proposes and defines several types or forms of competitions.