The CRC-ACME coordinates a research partnership funded by the SSHRC on quality (2022-2027)

Funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada until 2027, a major research partnership on quality in the built environment brings together – for the first time – 14 universities, 70 researchers and 68 public and private organizations at the municipal, provincial and national levels. The total value of this partnership will … Read more

Survey versus Competition: Simulacrum and Democracy

About the cancellation of the competition for the memorial to Canada’s mission in Afghanistan by Jean-Pierre Chupin and Jacques White.   When it comes to judging art or architecture projects, an online survey is a “simulacrum of democracy” that cannot replace either a design competition or a real jury! Strongly condemning Russian-organized elections in the … Read more

A doctoral admission grant for Shantanu Biswas-Linkon

The Doctoral Admissions Committee awarded the Graduate Admissions Grant in the amount of $10,000 to new doctoral student Shantanu Biswas-Linkon in recognition of his academic record, research proposal, and clear motivations. Shantanu is enrolled in the Individualized Doctor of Architecture program under the direction of Jean-Pierre Chupin since September 2022.