English. This site presents listings of competitions organised throughout the world Detailed descriptions of competitions include information about the sponsor, the country of origin, language, eligibility, the prize and the jury. Archived listings of past competitions and results can be found in the « results » section.

Ordre des architectes de Tunisie

French and Arabic. Under « actualités » and « concours », this site announces results of competitions held in Tunisia, as well as their archives (2010). Most of it is in French, and some publications are in Arabic.


Dutch. This site provides listings of active competitions held in the Netherlands and around the world. The interface allows classification according to date or registration deadline, and also displays the date of submission. In addition to competition announcements, there are prize and contract announcements, classified under « all categories ». Some descriptions are only available in Dutch.


English. The site presents competitions and projects held in Ireland and around the world.

Zagreb Society of Architects

Croatian. The professional association’s site contains listings of competitions held in Croatia, under « natjecaji ». Listings from past competitions are archived under « arhiva » (2009). The detailed description of the listing includes the status of the competition, the type of competition, important dates, prizes and the jury.

Finnish Association of Architects

Finnish. The professional association’s site presents competition listings organised in Finland (open or by invitation, or Finska allmänna tävlingar / or Finnish Open Competitions Finska tävlingar för inbjudna / Competitions Invited Finnish) and throughout the world (Internationella tävlingar / International Competitions). Section Ôvriga tävlingar / Other competition includes the prizes of various design competitions. Each page listing page classifies competitions according to their progress wether upcoming (Tulevat / Coming), current (Käynnissä olevat / Ongoing), last date of submission (Sisään iätetyt / Submitted) or judged (Ratkenneet / Judge ). Some sections of the site are translated into Swedish and English.


English, Spanish and Portuguese. This site contains listings of active competitions around the world.


English. This site contains announcements of competitions held around the world under « competitions ». In addition to the announcements, the section includes awards, grants, candidates, competition results, etc..

Danish Association of Architects

Danish. The professional association’s site contains listings of competitions held in Denmark, under « Aktuell konkurrencer ». In addition to active competitions, the search result take into account archived competitions (2006). The English version does not provide access to « konkurrencer Aktuell ».