A travel guide for those in search of architectural quality, this book can be browsed in many ways. Written in a clear and concise manner by about thirty authors, it features a collection of editorials from the Canadian Competitions Catalogue (CCC), a large online digital archive open to the public since 2006. The editorials explore more than sixty Canadian architecture competitions held in the last seventy years. Especially in recent years, both public and private institutions have organized competitions across Canada, producing hundreds of architectural, urban planning, and landscape design projects. Together these proposals, most of which remain unbuilt, constitute a fantastic treasure in our tangible and intangible common heritage. Given that competition organizers, designers, juries, and critics never operate alone, there is no doubt whatsoever that this book results from the collaboration of a myriad of people, contributing to and competing for excellence in architecture.

Lancement du livre « Concourir à l’excellence en architecture / Éditoriaux du CCC 2006-2016 », sous la direction de Jean-Pierre Chupin. L’évènement se tiendra à l’Université de Montréal, de 17h30 à 19h00, au local 1150.

Mardi 18 avril à la Maison du développement durable se tiendra l’évènement d’annonce des résultats du concours « En plus d’attendre le bus / More than waiting for the bus » organisé par la Chaire IDEAS-Be Concordia University (Carmela Cucuzzella) et la Chaire de Recherche sur les Concours UdeM (JPC) en collaboration avec CRE-Montréal.