This chapter presents the theoretical model elaborated by Jean-Pierre Chupin to categorize theories and doctoral thesis in architecture. It is presented in a new collection on architectural research published by the French Ministry of Culture.



Entre pratique et connaissance scientifique

Sous la direction de Jean-Louis Cohen
Coll. Recherche & Architecture
Editions du Patrimoine
16,5 × 24,5 cm – 176 pages – 68 illustrations

The “Artificial Intelligence” faculty fellowship, worth $ 2,000 CAD, was awarded to support a doctoral research project entitled “Representation and Simulation of Architecture Project Qualities through the Prism of Building Data Modeling Systems”. This project aims to determine, through a series of comparative analyzes of different scientific models, the part of the numerical modeling of the architectural project in the appreciation of the architectural quality during its design. This research is part of the Montreal Declaration’s “Knowledge”, “Responsibility”, “Autonomy” and “Well-being” components for responsible development of artificial intelligence by promoting the transparency of design algorithms and processes. numerical modeling analysis, now widely democratized in professional practice.

The Mitacs Globalink Research Award provides $6,000 in Canada to conduct 12–24-week research projects at universities overseas. The fellowship is awarded to support a doctoral research entitled « The Skyscraper: a viewing instrument for the metropolis ». The investigation of Shanghai’s buildings is particularly relevant to my research, both in terms of the quantity of observation decks located in the city and in terms of their design and operation. Besides the development of the thesis, the research stay will generate publications and support the development of a collaboration on high-rise buildings between Jiao Tong university and UdeM.