The 5 competitions of the LABécole fully documented exclusively on the CCC

As part of a collaboration with the LABécole organization, the Canadian Competitons Catalogue is the first to deliver all 160 projects submitted in 2019 to the 5 competitions for the construction or expansion of elementary school in Shefford, Rimouski, Gatineau, Maskinongé and Saguenay. The official unveiling of the winners took place on Monday, August 24. ... Read more

Several LEAP researchers participated in 27 brainstorming sessions on the determinants of quality in architecture at the invitation of CRC-ACME

For three weeks in May 2020, 3 groups of researchers and professionals across Canada participated in 3 brainstorming sessions per week, with 9 Zoom sessions per group, for a total of 27 sessions. This series of remote exchanges is part of both the establishment of a large collaborative and research network on the quality of built ... Read more

Understanding the Awards of Excellence (Issue 191 of Architecture Québec magazine) : Researchers from LEAP and the Canada Research Chair in Architecture, Competitions and Mediations of Excellence present some results of their recent work on awards of excellence in all areas of design

This special issue on Awards of Excellence does not introduce new winners or reveal any results that were not previously known. Its purpose is to call for more attention to a phenomenon - the celebration of excellence - on which there is strangely little critical attention. What is to be understood from the plethora of ... Read more

Lucie Palombi, doctoral student, receives a FRQSC scholarship for her research project

Lucie Palombi, individualized doctoral student under the supervision of Jean-Pierre Chupin, receives a doctoral research scholarship from the Fonds de Recherche Société et Culture du Québec, worth $77,000 over 4 years (from 2020 to 2024) for the research project entitled "La mise en compétition de l'écriture en architecture. Herméneutique du texte gagnant et de l'ouvrage primé", attached ... Read more

Mandana Bafghinia, doctoral student, receives a Cardinal and Hardy scholarship for her research project

Mandana Bafghinia, doctoral student in architecture under the direction of Jean-Pierre Chupin, receives the Cardinal and Hardy scholarship, valued at $8,000, for the research project "Habiter les toits, dialogue in the shadow of high-rise buildings", attached to the Research Chair in Architecture, Competitions and Mediations of Excellence

Paper in open access in FOOTPRINT (Delft Architecture Theory Journal) #26 (2020) : “This is not a Nest: Transcultural Metaphors and the Paradoxical Politics of International Competitions”

This is Not a Nest: Transcultural Metaphors and the Paradoxical Politics of International Competitions Jean-Pierre Chupin, Université de MontréalPublished in: Footprint, Delft Architectural Theory Journal, issue #26, Vol 14, n1, Spring 2020. Pages: 63-82 Abstract Although the architecture competition has been analysed through a number of rhetorical lenses, the recurring production of transcultural metaphors, particularly ... Read more